...who are these guys?

Another great picture from the archive of photographer Fraser Ashford taken at the Fairfield Hall circa 1974/75. We needed the name of the band AND the keyboard player receiving personal attention from a fan.

The winner is Paul McDonald of South Norwood who correctly identified Sparks and keyboard player Ron Mael.

New competition coming soon! 

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The Croydon band pictured below are Eavesdropper, led by Pete and Chris Fyfe. Regulars at the Cartoon, they played a mix of traditional folk songs and instrumentals, against a rhythm section so tight that Folk Roots magazine hinted they might use a drum machine! The band released just one album, ‘The March Hare’ on Joe Stead’s Greenwich Village label and built up a strong following, supporting the likes of Fairport Convention and Paul Brady. Pete Fyfe can still be found as half of the Band of Two, but sadly his brother Chris (far left of the picture) died in Hastings, 4th May 2007:


Sadly, after 35 years the Cartoon finally closed at the end of 2006. Read more about this much-missed venue here.

The winner of the previous competition was Ralph Cross, who recognised Mike Wedgwood, the bass player with Caravan:

Mike Wedgewood - Caravan

The answer to this one was Byzantium, and was correctly guessed by Ian Nicholson of Essex:


The answer to this one was Man. Congratulations to Adrian Figgess who was first in with the answer:


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