What People Are Saying

'a glorious wallow in unabashed musical nostalgia...'
Roger Bing - Croydon Advertiser, October 98

'the oddest (certainly most specialised) music book to emerge for some little while...'
Ross Fortune - Time Out, January 99

'this ‘record’ is a nostalgic treat...'
Mark Davison - Surrey Mirror, January 99

'plenty of ernest research obviously went into the early rock’n’roll and beat years...'
Pat Gilbert - Mojo, February 99

'a fascinating account of the sound of the suburb...'
Patrick Humphries - Record Collector, March 99

'a must-have for all those who supported live music in Croydon over the last thirty years and a cracking good read for music fans everywhere...'
Waterstone’s Bookshop.

"Being an expatriate living in Chicago, I found the book to be wonderful reading. Especially being a musician and being Roy Budd's unknown brother, which is quite funny really as I'm mentioned in there a few times, but as 'Roy's brother' or as 'his brother Ian'. "Ian??"

But it is a great book and if anyone really wants to know about the history of British rock, buy it!"
P. Budd - web book review, amazon.co.uk (June 99)

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